We would like to start by reminding you that this song has nothing to do with a man or a specific gender. We all are the heroes of this story. We wanted to express our longing for a person, an animal, a plant, or anything that we love and respect through the song. Sometimes we just wait for the one who left... We simply wait... Because it seems like there is no other solution. But the solution is within us. Love is not physical and even if it slipped away from our hands, it will never leave our hearts. When we feel awful, we should not forget to just embrace our emotions and stay in the "moment".

This song is about the journey of people who constantly struggle throughout their lives, fight against others or themselves, and feel lonely and stuck, sometimes in the crowd and sometimes just in themselves. And in this journey, they try to find the strength that they have in themselves to continue their struggle. In such a journey, instead of taking the routes they do not want and drifting towards the ports that they do not like, people should sometimes anchor where they are, wait, and just breathe.


ID MUSEUM is the result of a dream that started when Arın Aykut and Öncü Kökyayan, who grew up interpreting similar stories in different ways, became friends in their early 20s, and said "We should be on stage together." with the energy they felt after a live concert and that was shaped by the inspiration from many artists such as AURORA, Ólafur Arnalds, Röyksopp.

The duo aims to make music that synthesizes the synth melodies and rhythmic structures that are frequently used in the Northern European art-pop culture that they follow with the ethnic instruments used in their own geographies and continues its musical journey with the debut single "Astray", will be released on July 2, 2021. 



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